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Down Payment Requirements
Resort purchase loans require a cash down payment equal to 25 to 30 percent of the selling price. It's a tough loan market right now folks. But take heart - it can be done!

About Gary Cooley & Small Resort Millionaires

I became the first real estate agent in the State of Arkansas, and the 45th agent world-wide, to become certified as a Resort and Second Home Property Specialist by the National Association of Realtors.

I use the theme "Small Resort Millionaire" because it is very possible to build a net worth of a million dollars (or more) owning a small resort. But even if you never obtain that millionaire level, you can still live a rewarding, and profitable lifestyle as a small resort owner. You'll enjoy a fun challenge and a very independent way of life.

I am a licensed Arkansas real estate principal broker in Mountain Home, Arkansas. I have specialized in tourism property sales since 1995. My wife Mary has been my assistant all those years.

I have been paid fees or commissions for bringing to market and/or selling 57 area tourism businesses, which is about half of this area's 100 or so tourism operations.

I have a strong working knowledge of the tourism industry because tourism is what I do, every day of my working life. Because I am a tourism specialist I do not have time to work with other types of properties, such as homes, land, or other commercial real estate. I work with small resort owners and tourism businesses on a daily basis in several capacities. My knowledge of small resorts and Ozark tourism success extends way beyond real estate.

My wife Mary and I own and produce The Ozark Mountains Website, which is an online tourism publication with an average monthly readership of 70,000 persons, making it the area's most-visited tourism Web site. In addition to producing OMW, Mary and I currently produce tourism advertising and Web sites for 80-plus area resorts and tourism business, and we expose that advertising to our OMW readership. Using Web site traffic reports and a metrics-based model, we clearly see what is working, and what is not, in tourism promotions.

Based on publicly available figures, OMW creates more exposure for this area's tourism industry than any other tourism information source. Without our clear understanding of what the American Consumer wants in travel and hospitality, OMW would not be where it is today. OMW first appeared on the World Wide Web  April 7, 1995. It has been responsible for many millions of dollars in tourism sales for this area every year since. This statement is not meant as a brag, but rather to make the point that Mary and I have a clue on what it takes to succeed in Ozark tourism!

Before we develop a tourism business Web site, Mary and I go to the property and spend several hours with the owners. Our goal is establishing an advertising strategy for them that will work well on the Web as well as in print should they so choose. Because we have done this since 1995, we have learned a great deal about what works and what does not in small Ozark resort operation. This knowledge came from listening to well over 140 different resort and tourism business operators. It also comes from our own extensive tourism and travel industry research.

In the process of bringing over 57 resorts to the market, I have spent hundreds of hours discussing resort financial statements with sellers, buyers, CPAs, lawyers, and commercial loan officers. I have seen first hand many times, in many different situations, what makes a small resort successful, and what makes them fail. This is the knowledge I share with you when you work with me as your small resort real estate agent. While I will not discuss the names of the people or actual resorts involved, or any other confidential information, I will discuss the outcome of any given strategy.

The reason I have worked with more owners than resort properties is because several resorts have had more than one owner since they became OMW customers. And I have worked with a few resorts which changed ownership three times, and with several more which have changed ownership two times.Thus I have considerable first hand experience in seeing how different management styles affect the same resort operation. Without identifying individuals, I share this knowledge with you as we look at resort properties.

It was the Blackburn family of Mountain Home who had this area's first small resort operation, which opened in the mid 1940's. Due to material shortages resulting from World War Two, the Blackburn family made their own bricks, cut their own lumber, and built their resort by hand. Over the next 30 years they owned a total of seven more resorts in this area. Blackburn and Company Real Estate (also the area's first real estate agency), now closed due to the death of Charles Blackburn, sold more resorts than any other agency in this area.

It was under the experienced and watchful eye of Charles Blackburn that I first engaged in resort sales. I learned a great deal from Mr. Blackburn. I also learned a great deal from the many wonderful people who are resort owners and OMW customers. This area has some of the smartest and hardest working small resort owners in America. They are some of the most successful that I have found anywhere. They all have contributed greatly to my education over the years, for which I am very thankful.

I have seen many tourism businesses succeed, some go bankrupt, some just break even, and a few become worth well over a million dollars. I have seen top quality properties run into the ground, and I have seen old run down resorts become million dollar winners. This is the level of knowledge you need from a real estate agent in today's very competitive small resort market. Settle for nothing less if you want true success!

Ozark tourism promotion is what I do, every working day, because Ozark tourism is my passion. If you think that you too might also share this same passion, give me a call today!

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The Small Resort Millionaire

As I mentioned above, I have watched small resorts that were making good money suddenly go bankrupt. And I have seen old run down resorts restored, brought back to life, and sell for over a million dollars in 5 years. I was called in as a consultant on a small resort that had been very successful in years gone by, but under new ownership had lost money, despite impressive amounts of capital infusion. The new owner spent $10 million doing things "his way", but the place sunk into ruins and sold for less than a million dollars after almost 10 years. Now under new ownership, it is once again on the rise.

Why is it that some fail where others succeed? Is it management? Is it advertising? Is it location? Or is it due to sudden turns in consumer demand?

What is it that makes the successful so successful? Attitude? Being hard working and frugal? Or do they just have the Golden Touch? Do they have some special talent for making people feel good? Do they have a strong passion for the small resort lifestyle? How did they buy right, build right, and make that million dollar net worth?

Small resorts in America are a dying breed of lodging business. There are now less than 1,700 small resorts left in America. In other words, if you are a small resort owner, you are indeed a rare breed. Owning a small resort is not like owning any other type of lodging facility. Ironically, even as the number of resorts in America dwindle, the demand for the small resort vacation is growing, especially here in the Ozarks. Shrinking supply and growing demand - that's a formula for success!

Now, more than ever, is the ideal time to become a small Ozark resort owner!

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